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why teach the arts
not because we expect you to major in it

Not because we expect your to play
sing, paint all your life...



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Every student here at Emerson School will be taking art classes as part of their schedule. Through the years, your child will learn various techniques, tools, be introduced to new materials and vocabulary, the elements of art, various artists, color schemes and the color wheel. I have been teaching at Emerson School for 15 years. I am aware that not everyone is an artist therefore, I do not expect your child to create a masterpiece but I DO EXPECT his/her full effort and attention. 

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Just about every week or every other week, students will be given art homework. It usually is a coloring page or a doodle page. The objective of the homework assignment is for students to practice using the right side of their brain to become better at creativity. Students must create some kind of pattern, follow directions and pay attention to detail in their homework. Students may color with markers, colored pencils, gel pens, etc. The assignment is due the following week giving them 7 days to complete it. Check with your child for art homework on a weekly basis.
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Homework is part of their GRADE!
Please feel free to contact me via e-mail for digital copies of homework or any homework issues.


There are high standards for your child in every area in school, especially in art class. Your child may be expected to make up incomplete work in order to receive a better grade. Students are encouraged to practice what they have learned in art class at home to improve their skills. It is also important for all students to work towards their full potential.
Let’s have a positive school year!
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Students will be graded based on following directions, understanding of concept and techniques, use of class time, and effort.
**Art counts toward Honor Roll and High Honor Roll  4th & 5th Grade students**

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