Welcome to Emerson Community School

Emerson Elementary School of the Plainfield Public Schools district is located at 305 Emerson Avenue on the east end of town. Emerson services close to 500 students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Our current building is one of the newer buildings in the district, providing an inviting and safe environment for our students and community stakeholders. Emerson has a multicultural student body and staff, representing over 14 countries as well as several languages and religions. One hundred percent of our staff are Highly Qualified in the areas that they have been designated to teach. Academic instruction is implemented through the curriculum subjects of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our students are also given the opportunity to participate in the Fine Arts by taking Special Subject classes such as Music, Art, as well as World Language and Physical Education. Student academic performance continues to be assessed regularly through formative assessments and district standards-based tests. Our younger students are building classroom portfolios to document their growth from the beginning of the year. Our goal is to realize significant gains in student learning across all grade levels.

During staff development and grade level meetings, teachers work in a collaborative effort to discuss best practices, review student work, and plan for instruction using the requisite standards as the guide for the objectives that they will  teach to ensure the success of all of their students. In addition to this, teachers regularly review student data gathered from various sources to identify areas and skills to target to foster student comprehension and improve proficiency levels. All of this data is organized in a data binder for student conferencing data chats, parent communication and lesson planning.

Emerson School works in Partnership with the Family Friendly Center to conduct an afterschool program. This after school program offers instructional support and recreational activities to students in grades 3-5 for three hours beyond the school day for 5 days a week. The program allows students to better prepare for the PARCC assessments by focusing on targeted skills gathered from data review.

The FFC afterschool program also provides our families an opportunity to increase their parental knowledge of their child’s academic requirements through parent workshops and activities. These activities are designed to encourage and foster sharing, support, knowledge building and parent networking. They also provide information for parents to gain access to other local resources, which are distributed by the coordinators.

Emerson successfully maintains our school uniform policy. We have created an academy school climate where the majority of our students wear the burgundy, khaki, white and grey prep school uniforms. The uniforms consist of pleated skirts, khaki pants, cardigan sweaters and polo shirts. Emerson maintains our objective of having all of our students in uniforms at least 4 days a week. One day a week is designated “School Spirit Day” where teachers and students wear their favorite items of Emerson paraphernalia to encourage and bolster school pride.

At Emerson our Vision Statement reads: “We Educate! We Empower! We Inspire! We have devoted our school day to rigorous data driven instruction, positive student growth, and true character development. By maintaining this focus and forging partnerships with our parents and community stakeholders, we are directing our children to be successful and thriving members of their local communities and eventually the global community.

No Alibis! No Excuses! No Exceptions!